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Model: Intelligent load lamp control system
60W LED Load Lamp System


Intelligent load lamp control system

       It is a set of independent distributed power supply system which to constitute the solar street light.
     Solar street light system is constituted of a separate distributed power supply system. It is not subject to geographical restrictions and the location of electrical installation. Also it don’t have to open the pavement to do wiring buried tube construction.It is very convenience to site operate and install. Solar light is widely used in city and country road, highway lighting , garden and living area. There are solar street lamps, solar garden lamps , solar lawn lamps.It don’t need the power transformer system and don't consume the utility.It is energy saving and environmental protection, better overall economic benefits.Especially apply to away from the grid road lights, billboards, bus station platform, the more obvious economic benefits.It must be China's popular industrial products in future.




The configuration for 60W solar LED load lamp system


1). The application is for a main lane highway.
  2). Lamppost is 12mts,the arm of the lamp is 1.2mts
  3). Pols every 30 metres
  4). The width of each road is 10.5mts (two sides of 10.5 mts each)
  5). 60w LED bulbs
  6). Average 6 to 9 lux
  7). Working hours:5:30 pm to 5:30 am full power for 12 hours.
  8). To satisfy continuous 6 rainy days.

2.The basic configuration (Reference):






 LED bulbs


 1 PC


Solar cell 


    4 PCS 


Deep cycle battery 


    2 PCS 


Controler OPC & Time control 


 1 SET


Wire & Accessories 


 1 SET







30M Road Simulation

Road cross section:
Road 2                 (Width:9.500m, Lanes: 3, Road coating:R3,q0:0.070)
Central Divider     (Width:1.000m, Height:0.000m)
Road 1                 (Width:9.500m, Lanes: 3, Road coating:R3,q0:0.070)

Maintenance Factor: 0.80

Lamps Arrange:



 Lamp:                    TPL-SL060NAAX 1 Polar_Curve
 Luminous flux:        4080lm                                     Highest luminous intensity
 Power:                   60.0W                                     At 70°    475 cd/klm
 Orientation:            Double row,face to face             At 80°    262 cd/klm
 Lamppost Dist:       30.000m                                   At 90°      57 cd/klm
 Mounting height(1):  9.500m
 Light height:            9.500m                                   The glare index level of this arrange:  D.6
 Out part(2):            1.000m
 Arm gradient(3):     15°
 Arm length(4):        1.500m




Note:this coordinate is according to above figure only.  Value Unit:Lux.

Grid:10 x 9

average illumination(lx) : 8.42
min. illuminance(lx) : 6.77 
max. illuminance(lx) : 11
min. illuminance(lx)/ average illumination(lx) : 0.803
min. illuminance(lx)/ max. illuminance(lx) : 0.626




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