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Model: ISS150F
Portable PV power system 150W


Technical Data:
 System Specification:
 Rated Output Power
 Solar Panel Power
 18V 50W(50W*1)
 Solar Panel Charging Time 
 12 hours effective sunlight
 Battery Capacity
 12V 33AH Gel battery
 AC Output
 AC 110V/220V/230V  50Hz/60Hz
 AC Output Waveform
 Modified sine wave
 AC Output Socket
 English \ German \ French \ Australian \ American \ Universal
 DC Output(USB Interface)
 5V (500mA)
 Peak Inverter Efficiency
 Overload Protection
 Under-voltage Alarm
 Overheat Protection
 Short-circuit Protection
 Battery Power Indicator
 External Battery Charger
 External Battery
 Yes(12V Gel)
 External Battery Capacity
 Based on actual needs and to be prepared by customer, the  capacity of charging is more than or equivalent to the sum capacity of both our product and external battery.
 PV connectors  2 pairs (Optional)
 External battery cables  2pcs (Optional)
 CE & RoHS
 Mechanical Data:
 Dimensions of System Box(mm)
 Appearance Color    
 White + Green
 Net Weight of Solar Panel (kg)
 Dimensions of Battery (mm)
 L195*W130*H155 (Total H180)
 Net Weight of Battery (kg)


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