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Warm congratulations the “Self-diagnosis grid-connected PV inverter” project to won the third prize of Special Award

    The “Self-diagnosis grid-connected PV inverter” project which comes from Ningbo Inyan solar technology Ltd.,co won the third prize for the overseas talents Special Award of China Science and Technology entrepreneurial contest on 19th,September,2011.This project won the honor for our company and also the RMB 200,000 bonus.

    China Science and Technology entrepreneurial contest is a national Scientific and Technological financing activities which is jointly organized by MOST and the People’s Government of Ningbo Municipality. It improving the financing capacity of science and technology enterprise, promoting the combination of technology and capital,accelerating the industrialization of science and technology achievements for purpose facing technological enterprises, entrepreneurs(the holders of proprietary technology & technology achievements).This contest altogether has 2015 enterprises and innovation teams to participate. The awards we get in this contest that shows the advancement and the market competition advantages of “Self-diagnosis grid-connected PV inverter” project.To the business of our company,it is affirmation and encouragement from the contest organizers.In the future,all Inyansolar’s employees will do our best and constant innovation to realize the industrialization of innovation projects.


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